Blogger attribution widget comes with every blogspot blog. It convey message that specific blog is run by blogger. Which is all good and well. However, sometimes this widget appears in an unwanted area. Which is disturbing and distracting for admin and visitors. For visitors this misplaced attribution widget is distracting because it disrupts the layout and design of the blog. As for admin it is disturbing because it discourages visitors. This is one of many reasons that some blog owner wants to remove it. Others don’t want this widget just to make their blog look professional. But here is the rub, how can we get rid of it? Because by default blogger attribution widget is fixed or more to the point the attribution element is locked. It does not have remove option like other elements in the layout.


Now, there are two ways to tackle this particular problem.

Hide Powered by Blogger Attribution Through Adding CSS

  1. Log in to your blogger account, if not already. Go to Dashboard>Template>Edit HTML.

  2. Click inside the template code area and press Crtl + F for search box.

  3. In search box paste the tag given below and press enter to find it. 


Step 4: Place the code given below right above </head> tag.

<style>#Attribution1{display: none;}</style> 

Step 5: Save the changes by clicking on “Save template”.

Following all the steps above will hide the attribution widget.

Remove Attribution Widget Through Unlocking The Widget

Step 1: On your blogger dashboard click Template>Edit HTML

Step 2:  On code page click “Jump to Widget” and click on “Attribution  1”. You will see a code like this

<b:widget id=’Attribution1′ locked=’true’ title=” type=’Attribution’>
Step 3:  Change the value of the attribution from  locked=’true’ to  locked=’false’ and hit save template.

blogger attribution widget

Step 4: Go to layout > Attribution > Edit > Remove

 When you go back you will see that attribution element is gone. Both of these method works like a charm. And will tackle the problem of removing powered by blogger attribution widget.



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