There was a time when Google would give AdSense account to anyone who applied for it. But as the time passed by things starting to change new policies were introduced , two-step verification was brought in getting approved for AdSense by Google now days is one of the hardest task  bloggers and webmasters have to face. It seems like Google rejects AdSense application for no reason, but trust me that is not the case. We all know that Google AdSense is largest contextual ads network, and have large number of satisfied customers and publishers, they have a very strict TOS. If your blog/site is not following the TOS then it is obvious that Google will reject your AdSense application. In these TOS there are few but major reason which cause rejection of AdSense application. And here in this short passage I’m going, to the best of my abilities and knowledge, shed light on those reasons, reasons because of which Google rejects AdSense application.

Reasons Why Google Rejects AdSense Application

Given Below are the few common but major reasons behind rejection of AdSense application. If you are able to tackle them properly chances of rejection goes down exponentially and chances of approval goes up. Without further ado, let’s get down to business.

1. Insufficient Content

Google pays a lot of attention and value to content of blog/site and this is why it is the most common reason why Google rejects AdSense application. Many new and inexperienced bloggers and webmasters makes mistake of applying for AdSense account a little too early with having not enough content on their blogs for Google to analyze. Resulting in rejection of AdSense account. But there are cases where the blogs have more than enough content, I’m talking 100s of posts but still Google rejects their AdSense application and the reason is insufficient content. It is because their content is either poorly written or they don’t add to the value of information. To avoid getting your AdSense application you have to write content adds value to the reader’s information. There is no exact number of posts mentioned anywhere after which you can apply for AdSense application. But in my opinion you must have at least 20-30 quality posts before you can think for applying for AdSense.

2. Design and Layout

First impression is the last impression, almost everyone has heard it, but very few understand the phrase. If you want that Google does not rejects your AdSense application then you must have an elegant design and layout for your blog/site. Elegant design does not mean to have loads of flashy widgets and tons of plugins. These flashy and unnecessary widgets and plugins makes your blog/site hard to understand thus causing Google to reject AdSense Application. In my opinion you should only add those page elements which are necessary and helps visitors make sense of your blog/site. Which decreases chances of Google’s rejecting AdSense application. Having a premium theme helps a lot. But there are also free themes and templates which can be useful.

3. Lack of Privacy Policy, Contact Us & About Us Pages

Lack of the above mentioned pages will definitely cause rejection of AdSense application. These pages are not only important part of any site but it also show how serious and committed you are to your cause. If you want to decrease chances of rejection, of AdSense application, then you must add privacy policy, about us and contact us pages to your blog. And make sure to place these pages in areas that are clear and visible to visitors. By doing so you will , even more, decreases chances of Google to reject AdSense application. When you fail to put them in clear, visible areas it increases chances of Google to reject AdSense application.

4. Site/Blog Not Comply With Google Policies

Often it happens that a blog/site will have met all of the above requirements but google will still rejects AdSense application. Bad luck? I don’t think so, it has nothing to do with bad luck. Somewhere in the site there is an element or page that is against Google’s policy  that is why Google rejects AdSense application. May be the content, published, was copy right protected, may be the traffic source is questionable. So if you want to decrease chances of Google to rejecting your AdSense application. Then make your blog/site comply with Google’s policy. The best is to get antiquated with Google’s policy and making sure that your blog/site does not have elements that are against Google’s policy. If it does then it increases chances of Google to reject your AdSense application.
My advice to you will be that don’t rush yourself. We make mistakes when we rush things. Take your time and make sure that you have met all the requirements of Google AdSense program before you apply. It will make things more difficult if you haven’t met all the requirements for the program. Which will increase chances of Google to reject AdSense application. So to avoid rejection make sure, by checking and rechecking, your blog/site comply with Google policies.


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