If I say that blogging has dominated the internet world, it would not be wrong. How to start a blog? This question is on the mind of many newbies. Google’s blogger platform is the most used and favored by new bloggers for many reasons. First of all its free , you dont have to pay charges to start blog on blogger, you get 15gb storage space which is more than enough for text and small images on your blogger’s blog. As for the server side issues, they are controlled and monitored by google. So all you have to do is write content and post it.
    To start blogger’s blog first you need is a gmail account, if you dont have then make one here. But if you already have a gmail account then follow the following steps to start blogger’s blog.
Go to Google,s Blogspot, it may or may not ask for your google account password but if it does then type in your password and hit enter. A page like fig.1 will open up.
How To Start Free Blog
    Click on the “New blog” button to begin process of starting blogger’s blog. When you click the new blog button another page will load up like Fig.2. Here in this page you have to select a title and address for your blogger’s blog. Keep in mind that title and address are two different things. For title there are no availability restrictions you can choose what ever you like but for address you have to check availability, if your desired address is not available then try adding something to address like numbers or small words.
Start a Free Blog On Blogger's Blog
   Next step in the process of starting blogger’s blog is selecting template for your blog. There are many default templates available like simple, dynamic. picture window and more. How ever you can download custom templates of your choice for your blogger’s blog. These custom blogger’s template are easily available over internet. After you have applied your desired template on your blogger’s blog a new page like Fig.3 will open up which will contain list of blogger’s blogs that are made. Since you just made first blog so there will be single blog.
Free Blogger's Blog
   Click on the title of the blogger’s blog that you have just created. It will load up a new page like Fig.4, that is dashboard of your blogger’s blog. This page contain an overview of your blog’s performance in shape of chart. On the left side is control panel from which you can do stuff like posting, monitor comments etc.
How To Start Free Blog On Blogger's Blog
You can start posting you content on your new blog by clicking on new post button.
This is all for “How To Start Free Blog On Blogger’s Blog”
If you have any questions regarding this topic leave them in commments section I will try to the best of my abilities to answer them.


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