Easy Ways To Increase Visibility Of Website On SERPs


It is very important for bloggers to increase visibility of website on search engines. And more importantly to do so quickly and effectively. SEO is being practiced by almost everyone who runs a blog or website. There are also other things which are important as well. Here is the number of factors that if practiced regularly can help a lot in increasing the visibility of a website.

Create a Sitemap

Sitemaps basically are a type of document on the server, which contains the list of every page that is on your website. It tells search engines about the nature of the website and how often to check back for changes. For example, if you are running an e-commerce store on your website. You might want search engines to check your website for changes more often. As new products will be added. So creating a sitemap will help a lot in the task of notifying the search engines.

Submit Sitemap to Webmaster Tools

Creating a sitemap is not just enough. You have to submit them to various search engines to increase visibility of website. Add your sitemap to Google’s search console as Google has dominated the rest of search engines. But this does not mean that you should not submit a sitemap to it. You should add your website’s sitemap to other search engines as well, like bing’s webmaster tools and yahoo submit. These webmaster tools crawl your website and index them. Which in turn helps increases the visibility of a website.

Update Your Website More Oftenly

“Content is the king”, you would have heard this phrase more than I have. Even though practices in blogging are changing. But content is still a big, crucial and important part of any blog/website. Make sure your’s is updated and do it correctly. Publish content on trending and updated issues, because people are looking for that. Talking about outdated stuff will do you no good. So make suure you have good and quality content on your website.

Create Social Profiles

Search engines crawl websites to index them via links. One way to create links is to create social profile of your website. Such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, youtube and Pinterest etc. By doing so links to your sites are created which helps search engines to crawl and index them.

Increase Social Media Presence of your Website

This task can be achieved through social media whose profiles are already created. If you have followed the above-mentioned factor. Sharing on social media profiles increases the visibility of your website. And also helps in getting new visitors to website. An active social media profile helps a lot to increase visibility of website. Make sure to that your website has a decent social media presence.

Create Off-Site Content To Increase Visibility of Website

This practice comes under the process of link building. And is also known as guest posting. Under this process, one publish the content on other blogs and website. By doing so not only you get a link from another blog/website but also get a chance to increase the reach of your website. But make sure your content is not spammy otherwise it can go wrong. And might do more harm than good.

After Effects of Practicing Above Mentioned Factors

Fairly these practices are very basics, but it’s the basics practices that help any process. Practicing the above factors will help your site get indexed more quickly. You will see more traffic coming to your website. Keep in mind to update your site with new content every now and then. Make sure to create off-site content on good and reputable websites.

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