Disable Text Selection In Blogspot Posts


A little introduction for those who don’t know what text selection is. Text selection is a tool that enables the user to select text from a document or web page, for the purpose of highlighting or copying.  But mostly it is for copying. Many new bloggers, in order to increase the number of blog posts, start copying from other blogs and paste it on theirs. Though Google has started to penalize these sort of blog, blogs filled with plagiarized material and is marking them as spam. There is an another way to discourage them through disabling text selection in blog posts. Many bloggers have used this trick to their advantage and have discouraged cheater from copying from their blog.  And have made their blog “read only”.


How To Disable Text Selection By Editing The Template

This task to disable text selection can be achieved in two ways, through JavaScript or through CSS. Since we all know JavaScript makes page heavy resulting in long page load time. So we will go with CSS, which not heavy. All you have to do is put some extra code in your template file and text selection will be disabled in your blog posts. I’m going to make it simple as possible so everyone can understand it. Follow the step by step instruction to avoid confusion.

  • Log in to your blogger account.
  • Go to template > Edit Template
  • Find <b:skin>—</b:skin> using Ctrl + F and unfold it.
  • Now look for ]]></b:skin> code using Ctrl + F and paste the following code below it.

body {  -webkit-user-select: none;  /* Chrome all / Safari all */  -moz-user-select: none;     /* Firefox all */  -ms-user-select: none;      /* IE 10+ */  -o-user-select: none;  user-select: none;

How To Disable Text Selection By Adding CSS

If the above method is complicated for you to understand or by some unforeseen reason the code didn’t work for you. There is another way you can disable text selection in blog posts. Follow the step by step instruction to avoid confusion.

  • Log in to your blogger account.
  • Go to Template > Customise > Advance > Add CSS
  • Paste the above-given code and hit “apply to blog”

And by doing so you have disabled text selection in blog posts. Now, this code disables selection of all elements including images, tables, and blockquote. If in your blog, you share tables and coding of some sort then it will cause a problem for our readers but don’t worry. This hurdle can be tackled with a simple CSS code. Go to Template > Customise > Advance > Add CSS. And add the following code to allow readers to select table and blockquote.

.post blockquote,table{-webkit-user-select: text;-moz-user-select: text;-ms-user-select: text;user-select: text;}

And like that, you have disable text selection in blog posts to discourage cheaters from copying your content. Not only that but you also have enabled table and blockquote selection for your loyal reader to get help from your tables and codes. Disabling text selection has its pros and cons but I think pros out weigh the cons.


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